with #mumbaiblasts now, what happens to 2gscam, cwgscam, adarshscam, lokpalbill, etc., etc., Will PM use this to prove he is not weak?

RT @cvmadhukar: Very useful resource page on Lok Pal Bill from @PRSLegislative http://t.co/QB11IJK. Pl RT. cc @acorn @RMantri

RT @nikhilv: pls RT all of my tweets. there is a strong possibility of us getting roughed up by BJP rowdies. #sankeyroadwidening

RT @newsbrooke: Bail is granted to #assange. With conditions. He’s out. Next hearing jan 11th.

RT @sugelight: I tried to read a cnn article about wikileaks at work and its all blocked. Thanks big brother! I’m sure ill get a call ab …

RT @magikMaker: Na mastercard nu ook RT @BreakingNews: Visa says it has suspended all payments to #WikiLeaks ‘pending further investigat …

RT @futureidentity: @williamheath Assange is still on the Time PoTY 2010 poll: http://bit.ly/cViPrs #wikileaks

RT @newsbrooke: Julian assange is remanded in custody til dec 14th. surprising ruling coming after judge waxed long on lack of evidence.

RT @ianvalentine: Re: WikiLeaks RT @jeffjarvis: Hey, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal: It’s MY money. How DARE you tell me where I can and can’t …

RT @wikileaks: PRESS RELEASE Julian Assange Defense Fund frozen
Swiss Bank Post Finance http://tl.gd/7bg5kc What about the money I donated?

"Western speech, as something that rarely has any effect on power, is, like badgers and birds, free." - JA. #cablegate #wikileaks

http://wlcentral.org/node/469 Censorship and freedom in unlikely places.

Cablegate releases are reachable at http://is.gd/i8eDa or http://is.gd/i8eKt #cablegate #wikileaks

You can still reach WikiLeaks via, or at http://collateralmurder.com #cablegate #wikileaks

WikiLeaks is now accessible at http://wikileaks.ch/ #cablegate #wikileaks